Dare #5 Poshboy!

I received a mysterious email yesterday.

I have included it, in its entirety below. This will be my dare #5.  I will be doing this dare on Monday 3rd May in Cheltenham town centre at 12 noon. If anyone wants to join me I will see you there.



Dear DareBoy

Have u got the courage to wear my shirt
Take a stroll round Cheltenham Town
Risk the citizens wrath while throwing their dirt
Even when the shout what a clown

Your dare should u wish to accept it is to wear my shirt uncovered, no jumpers, jackets, cardies, badges or other devious obstructions, together with pants and shoes of your choice, round Cheltenham shopping centre on Saturday 1st May 2010. You must start at WH Smiths in the High street at 12.00pm ( my spy can only do then) and walk round and into shops wearing just my shirt, taking self photos for your website every 15mins. You must do it for a minimum of I hour (that’s 60mins exactly) up to a maximum of 3 hours. You will receive my shirt tomorrow in the office!

If you survive I will donate £50 per hour. That’s significantly more than the minimum wage ( that the tories oppose) about the same for their reactionary “family tax credit” if all 3 hours are taken.

So the real question is are you really a DareBoy or just an old fashion ToryBoy?



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